Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interview with P.Sandheep, National Secretary, ABVP

Question: Would you explain the context, which lead to the formation of ABVP?
Sandeep: India has a great culture with a unique value system and a great history. So we have to redefine the country’s social situation as per our history, culture and our value system. “Vasudaiva Kudumbakam” (The whole world is in a single family) was India’s message to the world. In fact Indian’s had been home to many people from around the world. 28% of world trade was held by India. World’s first University (Nalanda Thakshashila) was in India. And the first student movement in the world was reported here in these Universities. Under the leadership of Guru ‘Chanakkya’of Nalanda University. Students united in protest against the Nanda dynasty of Magadha and as a result they were ousted from the power. In 1948 ABVP took form defend this great history/culture and value system of this great nation, by protesting against every kind of deeds that denies the great tradition.
The first Campaign was about the ‘Vandee Madaram’ and change the name of India as ‘Bharatham’. The ultimate aim of ABVP is the National Reconstruction.. In 1970 ABVP conducted the first rally for the changes of educational reforms. In 1973 ABVP starts Gujarat Movement (Nav Nirman Antholan) and in 1974 the Bihar Movement also. In 1975 Ms.Indiraghandi announced the emergency in India, at that time ABVP also the part of the anti emergency Movement. In 1984 Assam Movement was very active it fight against the infiltration. In 1989 ABVP starts new struggle against the Mandel commission report it named as anti reservation struggle. In 1994 ABVP’s campaign against globalistion named as ‘Swadesi’ Movement
Question: Organistional Structure of ABVP?
Sandeep: It also has a hierarchical structure. The basic structure is from unit’s .From each unit has a president secretary and executive committee members. The units are concentrated in college campuses. The next body is district committee it also have a President Secretary and the executive committee member from each units. The next body is the State Committee It also have President, Secretary and 120 executives from each districts. The ultimate body of ABVP is its National Committee. It also have president, general secretary, 5 secretaries and 150exicutive committee members. Our state Committee HQ is at Trivandrum and National HQ is at Delhi
Question: Programmes?
Sandeep:We are conducting the different programmes for students in different level. We are began a academic year with Membership Campaign. The main aim of this Programme is to find out the students with the good interest. Then we were conducted study camp for these new students for understanding ABVP in detail. After that we were conducted district Study Camps for the leader from the units. It also helpful to them to increase the leadership skills and historical awareness. The next level is the state study Camp for the District executives and leaders for the better awareness and to acure the organizational skills
Question: Financial Sources?
Sandeep:The major source of finance is from the membership fees collected from students. That is helpful to conduct the unit level programmes. As a small portion of membership is send to district committee and state committee .That is helpful to conduct the programmes in state and district levels. The membership fee is the main income for conducting the programme.
Question:What is the Opinion about the Present Campus. ?
Sandeep:In this globalised context students didn’t like the culture and character of our nation. They don’t know the culture and history of our nation. All of them are like to go abroad and to earn money. They don’t like to work with in the country. They don’t have any social commitment and environmental concern all are think only for their selfishness. Basically this is the present mindset of the students in this Present social situation.
Question: Is ABVP a Communal Movement?
Sandeep: ABVP is not a Communal movement. ABVP is a national movement. All types of students are also the part of ABVP. Our basic aim is the Reconstruction of our nation. But the culture and values are closely related Hindu philosophy. That is why people consider ABVP as a communal movement. This is not a religious movement. With the We are respecting the other religion.
Question: What is the relevance of ABVP in present Campus ?
Sandeep: Protection of the culture and value system of our nation is the imp factors in the Indian Context That will be done by the students because student is today’s citizen not tomorrow’s. As the effect of the globalisation students are not aware about the importance of our culture and value system, most of our students follows the values and culture of western countries. Creating awareness is the role of the student movements. But In our social context all other movements are only stand for their political gaining and religious satisfaction. In this context ABVP will have a clear cut role in the present Campuses for aware students for the better national reconstruction on the basis of our tradition and culture. We need a national movement not a political/religious movement. In such a way ABVP is very much relevant in our Campuses and also in the society.
Question: What are the Limitations of ABVP ?
Sandeep: Now our society converted as a highly political one. But we are not a political movement we are the national movement. It is very difficult to work in a crocked political society. That is the main limitation of us. For destroying the culture and value system of our nation the western forces are influence media and to create some misunderstanding among us. That is why we have a communal image. But actually we are against to the communalism. The another limitation faced by us are the violance of the political movements towards us . These are the major limitations faced by the ABVP>
Question: What is ABVP’s stand towards Christian Students organisations?
Sandeep: We have no problem with the Christian Student organisations in India. India has a culture for accommodating the all type of people in all over the world. The basic aim of each and every religion is to provide values to the society. India is a democratic Nation. Each and everyone have a freedom for choosing their religion. In that sense we are respecting all religions. But compelling the conversion of one religion to another is not a good strategy. Most of the Christian Organisations are make some misunderstanding among the people and forced to convert into Christianity. We are totally against to that at the same time we respect the other Christian Organisations for providing the good values to the society.
Question: What is ABVP’s stand towards the Violence happened due to the religious Conversion in India?
Sandeep: We are against to the non democratic religious conversion. It is only in the form of the ideology. Violence is not our way. W are totally against to the violence. But the media created a misunderstanding towards us as a communal movement. Australian Missionary Mr. Graham Stains assassinated due to the effort of Mr. Dhara Singh He is a militant. But Media focused to ABVP. But we are totally against to that type of Violence.
We are ideologically against to the Undemocratic religious conversion but violence is not our way.

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