Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interview with P.C Vishnunadh, MLA, Former President KSU

Question: Historical relevance of KSU
Vishnunadh: KSU was formed when the first EMS government had been in power in Kerala. That government took fascist approach with everything that it dealt with. They did not accept India’s struggle for independence. They proclaimed that India was not completely freed.
As part of their established curriculums with communist bias they tried to distort history by wrong interpretation. At that point of time KSU was formed for considering the needs of the students to enable a common platform Students who wanted to protest against this fascist policy was under the leadership of the great personalities like Vayalar Ravi, A.K Antony, George Tharakan, and A.C George.The organisation was based in Kollam and Alappuzha districts. KSU is the first student organisation in India to oust a government through a student Movement.
Question: Relevance of KSU in the present Campus?
Vishnunadh: KSU is relevant in each and every period of time. KSU stands for the basic student rights such as the right of education, right for struggle, right for freedom etc. These rights are needed in all times. Now a days KSU is more relevant in Campus mainly because of the commencement of the communal student movements in our Campus. We are a democratic nation and also have a democratic system. But nowadays some communal movements are trying to mislead the students on the tradition and the history of our country.
Question: How do KSU address the new generation in Campus after globalisation ?
Vishnunadh: After the commencement of the globalisation their is a slide change happened in the mindset of the students in Camps. They are become very much careeristic. Most of them are gaining education only for the money. They don’t have any Political or social concern. But the fact that it also have a reverse. That will be happen in our future campus. Some symptoms are shown in our campuses. the Professional colleges are the important tool for expanding globalisation. But nowadays campus politics is very much active in these colleges. We don’t try to plan any separate strategy for themThe students from these professional colleges are coming in front of the politics.
Question:What is KSU’s stand towards the silent struggles like’ free software movement’
Vishnunadh:These types’ struggles in the globalisation contest are very relevant. These types of struggles are introducing the new strategy like using the globalisational strategy for preventing the negative aspects of the globalisation. They can do several creative meaningful resistances in this society. But at the same time these types of struggles are not the solution for solving the all problems in the society. Resistance in the street is the ultimate solution of all types of problems. The strike happened in USA against the attitude of government in the Iraq war. That will create a motivation among the people .in all over the world. Nowadays the relevance of street struggle is very more. Slavery is active in our society. MNC’s brought IT professional from our country. There are no rights with in that system. But nowadays these peoples are very bothered about their rights, Environmental issues cultural issues are very strong in our society So in these days street struggles are very relevant.
Question: Explain the organisaional structure of KSU?
Vishnunadh: The organizational structure is in a hierarchical form. The decision making body ins the State executive committee. The office bearers are the president vice president secretary join secretary like 25members executive committee and the 25 members office bearers are the decision making body. The next body is the district committee. It also has the office bearers such as the president secretary etc. The next body is the block committee and the lower stage is the unit committee. Unit committee is generally active in College. All committee have the same office bearers.
Question: Explain the programme process of KSU?
Vishnunadh:Preparing the separate calendar for the campaigning related with the different issues. And also preparing a separate calendar for the election in the universities and the college campuses.
We are very much alert about the unexpected issues related with the education as well as the social issues. We are regularly collect the membership from the students in the local unit level. Planning about the training programme for deligates and the leaders in the local as well as the state level.
Question: Is KSU a subsidiary wing of the Congress party?
Vishnunadh: KSU follows the ideology of the congress party but there is no internal involvement of Congress party in KSU. KSU is a independent organisation with separate identity. The state body of KSU is the ultimate decision making body.
Question: What are the limitations faced by KSU?
Vishnunadh:There are so many limitations or problems we are facing. The important limitation is the de politicisation of our college campus. It is the vested interested but we are try to resist it in to a great extend. The other important limitation is the Fascist strategy of the other student movement s like KSU and ABVP in our campus. Their only strategy is Violence. They don’t have the strategy of the ideology or dialogue. These are the two major limitations faced by us in the present Kerala Campus

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