Thursday, June 12, 2008

(Interview with Mr. Shajirkhan, State president, AIDSO

Question: Would you explain the context and the historical milestone of AIDSO?
Shajirkhan: After the 1947 the need for a revolutionary student movement was there, because of the imperialistic nature of the post independent government. No promises could be came in to practice which had put forward at the time of the freedom struggle. The formation of AIDSO was done from such a context for the attainm*ent of such rights. Even though there had been exciting organisation like AISF and NSUI nature was not confronting to the imperialistic ideologies. The only revolutionary student’s organisation exciting at that time was the AIDSO.
AIDSO focused on the activities for protecting the educational sector of the country from the distr*active polices of the government. The major struggles lead by the AIDSO are Struggle against the seat reduction at the time of the Nehru ministry, struggle against the increasing of seat, struggle for solving the problems in the privet sector. Struggle for the students rights etc. AIDSO also stud against all the government interventions which aimed at the distraction of educational sector. The struggles against the emergency and for protecting the secular values are notable.
Questions: Comment on the new trends after 1990s?
Shajirkhan: The new trends in our campuses after 1990s are extremely pithy. The responsibility for this situation mainly vested with the SFI in Kerala. The emergence of this situation had been started from the national educational policy in 1986. The student organisations like KSU, SFI,ABVP etc supported the government’s hidden agenda for the de politicisation among the students.
Careerism is another problem, but this though is emerged because of the unemployment in the society. The careeristic approach becomes strong when the students hold up this in campus. The entire syllabus restructured in to a new form. Education aimed at employment. Hence no students have desire to become a ‘Bhagat Singh’. Besides the impact of the globalisation is very critical in our Campus.
Question: How do AIDSO address students from this generation?
Shajirkhan:Students are careeristic and they also have the lack of social concern. But that’s never affected by us because we had a scientific study pattern for understanding the problems and issues. At the same time problems are problems.
Question: What is AIDSO’s stand towards the new silent struggles like free software Movement?
Shajirkhan:It is good to take initiatives like this but the struggles of such organisation do treatment only for a part of the body when it is entirely wounded. Here stern stands, accurate political analysis and factual realizations are needed
There should be a different strategy for struggles. Struggles by using technology are also important. Compartmentalisation of the struggles is not a good strategy. The ultimate intention is the only fact to be considered
Question: What is the relevance of AIDSO in Kerala Campus?
Shajirkhan:In this globalised Society the other student organisations are failure in directing the students in a democratic line. At the same time AIDSO is success in directing the students in a right way. The existence of such a situation makes relevance for the AIDSO.
Question: What is AIDSO’s stand towards reservation?
Shajirkhan: AIDSO stands for a social construction based on the proportional representation. AIDSO is not interested in the separation like backward and forward and not take stand based on this. At the same time we are totally against to this existing system. We need a change from this pathetic discriminative situation.
Question: Do you explain the Programme process of the AIDSO?
Shajirkhan: We don’t have any structural Programme process. All of our members have a clear cut understanding of Society, Campus etc. From our own experiences we will develop the Programme in different level but we never provide any type of special training programme for them. Involvement in the society or Campus or Society is the best training
Question: What are the financial sources of AIDSO?
Shajirkhan:We don’t have any other external sources of the finance. Donation from the senior friends and the money from the membership fees. are the only financial source
of AIDSO They are our motivation. We don’t have any institution under the control of the Kerala state committee.
Question: What are the publications of AIDSO?
Shajirkhan: Agragani Students space, subject based magazines and news letters.
Questions: What are the limitations of AIDSO?
Shajirkhan: Careerism in students. De politicisation of our Campus

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